You Talk, We Listen: Social Media as the New Comment Card

25 Mar

There are now more sites than ever to leave comments to the restaurants you love (or hate!). Aspire, in an effort to hear what you have to say, has been listening in for quite some time now. We frequent sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Open Table, City Search, Gowalla, Urban Spoon, FourSquare, Swipely, Google,, etc. We read your reviews and are able to gauge what we are doing right and what we can improve upon. So please, keep writing those reviews!


St. Patrick’s Day: Be Here!

16 Mar

Who doesn’t love pretending they’re Irish on St. Patrick’s Day? Oh, you are Irish? Well, you my friend are alright in our book.

In honor of those wonderful (Insert Fun Loving Irish Stereotype Here)…We will be having several specials on the menu tomorrow March 17th. Firstly will be a true tradition: Corned Beef, Cabbage and Potato Supper, like the one shown here:

We will also be serving up an Asian Inspired Appetizer Special (just shy of the walking contradiction that is the Scotch-Korean in the Starburst commercials): Asian pork steam bun with corn beef, pickled cabbage, Thai 1000 island dressing and Swiss cheese ($1.50 each). Sounds a little odd, we swear they’re delicious!

Wash all of this down with a pint of Green Beer, then an Irish Car Bomb, and you’re in for a good night. So slap on some green clothing, call a cab at tell the driver to bring you to the Swankiest-Irish-Celebrating-Bar-In-Town: ASPIRE. Your first, and possibly last, stop on the night where consuming nothing but green dyed edibles is in high fashion.

Entry by Emily Beauchemin

Wedding Theme: Clam Bake

11 Mar

We’re true New Englanders here at Aspire. We love seafood, the ocean, and everything Summer. For those of you getting married in the Summer or Fall of 2011 or 2012, we have the perfect spot for you.

Beach weddings are beautiful, but once you factor in the unpredictable weather, the wind, the sand…it can get a tad uncomfortable. Aspire’s Courtyard Park is the perfect substitute! The serene park provides partial shade, views of historic Downcity architecture and magnificent Grace Church. As well as, from a practical level, a tentable space, interior access, and close proximity to the “facilities”. Clam Bakes may not roll off the tongue as an optimal Wedding Theme, but think about this: The biggest trend for 2011 is making Weddings more accessible, more relaxed, taking a step away from the white gloved service and crystal-everywhere to enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Creating a fun and inviting atmosphere for your guests has become more paramount than ever before. But before you think we’re touting the idea of guests and groomsmen alike being clad in swimsuits and sarongs take a peak at some images we’ve collected from around the web. Just like any Wedding Theme the Clam Bake is all about the details.  From Place Cards to Lighting, from Food to Flowers, our team of Wedding Coordinators and wide range of vendor associates can construct for you a perfectly beautiful yet relaxing and serene Clam Bake Wedding.

And now for the inspiration:

Kid’s Bunny Brunch 2011

8 Mar

Quick announcement:
Very excited to say that we will be having “DAC Magic” perform at this year’s Kid’s Bunny Brunch on Saturday April 23rd!
You can visit them at or on Facebook.
These two young brothers entertain crowds all over the state at private parties and restaurants.

Weddings at Aspire: 2011 Food Trends (Desserts)

22 Feb

Aspire has become quite the spot for hosting a sophisticated, and stylish yet fun wedding in downtown Providence. While our space and decor may bring them in, our food cements the deal. Executive Chef Robbie and Banquet Chef Jori and their masterful pack of cuisiniers produce eye-popping and mouth-watering feasts for our meticulous brides and grooms. Just like fashion (in the words of the stunning Heidi Klum “One day you’re in and the next you’re out!”) and so many brides when planning their big day want food that is pleasing and of-the-moment. With that understanding Aspire seeks to be fixed on the course of diligent trend awareness, and while we’re at it, start a few trends of our own…

Mini Snacks: Many couples are now skipping the large traditional cake in favor of multiple types of small treats.

“Giant towers of fresh strawberries, croquembouche, and even wedding pies
are all great ways to celebrate the moment! Also popular [for 2011],
mini snacks served on the dance floor as guests are partying,
small shot glasses of custards, mini churros with warm chocolate, you name it!”
– Karen Bussen (Celebrity wedding planner)

Aspire’s Wedding Planning Team of Rhonda English and Sarah Potenza will help you match your after dinner treats to your theme, as Desserts are easily manipulated to keep with the color palette of your wedding. Other fun small bite ideas are Cake Bite Pops, Mini Cheesecakes, Chocolate Fountains with dozens of dipping options, and Candy Displays can bring whimsy to your event.

Quick Tip: You can hire a food truck to swing by for your reception. Like

Entry by Emily Beauchemin

NEW Lunch Menu Revealed!!

4 Feb

It has been a long time coming, we debated closing down lunch for the winter, but have decided instead to rework the menu and hopefully drive traffic with our new offerings and our already stellar charms. In case you don’t know, we are open for LUNCH Wednesday-Saturday 11am-2pm and Sunday we offer BRUNCH from 10am-3pm. Please see below for both of the updated menus (available beginning Feb. 9th) – hope to see you soon!


We believe the adage ‘the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’…

14 Jan

Listen up! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and rather than being disappointed when your partner “forgets” to make a reservation this year, or opts for the “I don’t know…what do you want to do” approach – be proactive! Choose Aspire Restaurant – The wine and liquor list will astound them (that high end Scotch they’ve always wanted to try, or that mysterious Red they’ve heard so much about? We’ve got it), The Grilled Tomahawk Chop’s presentation will floor them (see below – it is incredible!), and the price will elate them – just $65 per person for 5-courses!!

Click here to view the entire menu: Valentines 2011 Menu

I will make it even easier on you: CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR TABLE

Entry by Emily Beauchemin